Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Falke and baby Konigs Krote - Completed

At long last, its finished...
For the baby Falke, I toned down the panel lines and weathering with another layer of white. Both dive brakes broke (just like the real Falke) and I had to glue them back. Colored the lobster marking orange to differentiate it from the body.
I re-did the base by using plaster of Paris, blue and violet acrylic paints, followed by woodlands scenic artificial snow on top.

Another angle

Tried making the baby Konigs Krote 'walk' on the snow to make foot prints before laying it down to rest.
One of my favourite pictures, its not easy to take pictures of the kit!
From the top
Closeup on the Falke
Closeup of Ashley's name and picture (both copied from her handwriting and sketch below)
This plane is Ashley's! :)

Ashley's sketch (mommy, daddy, and the real big one is Ashley -_-''')

side view
'top view'

Additional closeups of baby Konigs Krote

Constructive Comments / Criticisms encouraged.
Myself I think the symmetry can be greatly improved, and the two front engines are actually upside down (oops), lastly the main thruster's shape could be improved too.
I wanna just thank all you guys* who posted your comments/thoughts in my WIP and for Bernard of m workshop to organise the competition.
Now on to my next project...

*Guys include: G-man, Vayeate, leafster, klay, ericp, KGM2, snake eye, sammy514, frankietanch, maxwinamp, i_used_to_be_fit, link, Lin.K, viper1972, fusionexxtreme, wingzero78, dlcm, fang, tazzdevil, dhmy2kgto, Skinnybob, BK Bryan, turner, Igor57, Francesco, java, Ravenworks69, Maknifiso, marisomodelkits, nowfuture, nscol, count0, scotty, Hedwerx, Kylwell, Vargen, Darklord, Mar.K,, Nik, dewberry, ArnoB, EHarm, Supergeek, ponch, catchaser, daimocow, schatze11, finally primer James! Hope I did not miss anyone out..
Many of you are my heroes in model making. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Will


Dennis said...

Hi bro, it's been a while. Hope you are doing well. Nice to see this update. Been really impress with the hard efforts you have put in.

The stretch build of baby KK is an interesting and creative idea. What i really want to take a close look is the baby Falke. You are the first one to build this man! I'm sure sensei Kow is impress too. Nice work done and I enjoy riding on this WIP. At times I do worry at some stage how you will be doing. But turns out a creative model work.

Good work Will!


cyberwill75 said...

Thank you so much Leafster, hope you are doing fine too and I am glad that you enjoyed the WIP with me...
Can't wait for you to come back to Singapore and we can meet up over kopi to talk Ma.K!