Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby Falke WIP 14

Final WIP... sorry if I seem a little self indulgent.. :)
And strangely no close ups on the baby ...
Here's how it looks like, my coffee table at 12am in the morning...
Really overworked at my day job last week and as I was completing my baby and thinking of how to finish up the diorama, a brainwave made me very excited. Can you tell what I am doing?
Here's a clue...
The Neuspotter was sketched from the cute Neuspotter found on the Ma.K Profile book : Falke but that's not what I am making.. -_-'''

Also totally unrelated, my wife and sister are doing creative jewelery at the same time I am modeling (baby Ashley's asleep)

Any criticisms/suggestions for my base/diorama? Thanks in advance!

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