Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's next?

Thanks for all the comments and constructive criticisms to the Baby Falke!
After this I am actually already working on the WAVE Snakeeye for the PLAMO mini groupbuild amongst us Ma.K fanatics there. I am also in the midst of sanding the 2 additional Polar Bears for my Polar Bear diorama. It will feature the Hardboiled gift from Francesco as a Polar Bear, and a two handed Polar Bear carrying rocket(s).
I am in love with the winter/snow dioramas. Its probably due to the impact of Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back, the winter battles on the planet Hoth... :)

Also after doing the baby Konigs Krote, I find myself itching to do another baby Neuspotter varient, just for fun.

Daddy Falke is also halfway done...

So many Ma.K, so little time! How?

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