Thursday, July 2, 2009

Baby Falke WIP 11

I can't believe I managed to complete construction today!
Here's more photos taken this morning...

I mounted the Falke on the chipboard with paper clay on top, and I dust artificial snow on it, not very successful though.

Saw quite a few friends (maxwinamp, wingzero75, KGM2 amongst others) in M workshop today, and Bernard the owner was very kind to ask me did I get to sleep...Lots of very cool builds and some very well done, and creative ones!
I didn't win anything, but I am satisfied that I accomplished what I set out to model and managed to hit the dateline. I will post more detailed pictures up here soon.
More corrective work needs to be done on the baby and once finished I will post in the gallerys.
I will also critique my work so that I can improve.

Thank you everyone for your kind works/encouragement/support thus far in emails, PMs in both PLAMO and Ma.K forums! I would not have done it without you guys!

The rush forced me to paint in a way I've never done before, just splash on the paint in an arty sort of way and have the look. There was paint all on the floor as I was mopping my house. Oops!


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