Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Polar Bear WIP 7 + 2 more PB!!!

Finally back at this build, gotten my 2 more PB thru leafster my bro, and started on the fantastic resin kit (my first) from Francesco...
Here's my game plan, the 3 Polar Bears are going hunting for Konigs Krote. The trio is inspired by the Ma.K Falke Profile book. I plan to call this diorama "Going Hunting". Que the music video "hunter" here which is one of my favourite music videos!
The Hardboiled PB will be in the front, stopping the group as he spots a KK footpprint in the snow.

The second PB will be carrying rocket(s), I am still waiting the the other hand (will be using the night-fighting variant's left hand).
The last PB will be my first completed PB. (I just realised that I glued the crotch armor to the rear, and the buttplate in front on the completed PB, but oh well, looks ok)
View from the left
I will be scratch building skis, snowboard and rockets for the scene.
I am totally in love with snow!
Comments/Criticisms encouraged...

lol (this is not in the scene)

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