Monday, August 17, 2009

Ma.K blowout sale from shipment 15 + rare stuff

Here it is guys, catch this sale...

Figure set #1 11 (2 boxes)
Figure set #2 11
Fliege 36
AFS 10
AFS Mk 1 10
Fireball 40
Kauz 37
Gustav 38
PKA 37
Raptor (wave) 95

Raptor (modelkasten) 125 reserved

Raptor (modelkasten)conversion + SAFS 120 , note this conversion does not have raptor decals

Note: These are at cost/at a loss to me.
Prices in usd and does not include shipping to you.

PM/email me and I'll calculate shipping for you.
From experience,
1 small Nitto box to US, Europe, Australia is about $10usd via registered post.
2 small Nitto boxes is about $15-17usd via registered post.
Paypal only. Add 4% Paypal fees.

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