Monday, May 11, 2009

Polar Bear WIP 3

Polar Bear WIP 3
Did the white wash tonight in front of my TV watching a documentary about art... Heehee makes me feel so artistic (ya right...)
I was thinking about Lin.K's fantastic Polar Bear, but of course I wouldn't reach any of his standard. Hope you don't mind Lin.K, you are my Ma.K hero!

Just took out my old chinese tiny paintbrush and went all over with Gunze white with a little yellow. I varied the strokes, like for the bottom backpack, I used up and down strokes,
and for the feet, I jabbed around a bit to try to get some mud effect for later.
I went and added more white highlights on top surfaces while the lower legs and bottom facing surfaces got alot more thinner, and less white.

left side
right sideback - eh side :)

The arms are sort of painted with artificial shading, more white for top facing, and less white bottom facing.
right arm
left arm

Constructive criticism requested! Should I put on more white? anything I missed? Like? Don't like? Please help me improve!

Incidentally I bought this ikea storage which doubles as a working table, so that I can wheel all my modeling stuff to the living room, watch/listen to TV while I work on my kit.
Then wheel the entire setup to my study to take photos, and finally wheel it back to my robot room. It costs 50+sgd, less than a Kauz!

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