Sunday, May 3, 2009

Konigs Krote mail order Part 2

Been wanting to write about this but just don't have the time. The temptation of the winter Konigs Krote mail order intensified for me when Lin.K, a fantastic modeler in the Ma.K forum, offered to build and paint for FREE (offer closed already btw). I was just telling myself no, I am NOT getting it, simply because I already have one on its way from Japan to me, and for a hefty 100+ usd more.

Then my brain started rationalising, oh, better get it now, otherwise you will find it in the auction sites in the future at ridiculuous prices again... Rationalisation, I hate it but my mind automatically goes into that mode!

In the past, getting ONE Konigs Krote would be a dream come true for me (forget the vomit moeny part for the time being). But NOW what I am thinking is that I want to have a Land Konigs Krote, a Lunar Konigs Krote, and the Winter version as well! As I used to joke with other people about their material desires, don't think so much, just buy them all. I find myself thinking this same way.

Its consuming, this desire. To own something (so rare I thought to myself), and painted by one of the powerful modelers, make that even more desirable. 'What's my motive?', I'd ask myself at work that day. Probably to boast to all my friends or relatives when they do come and visit. I was already thinking of buying more display cases to show off my stuff.

Quite the long-winded post, I hope you guys don't mind... I was just listening to the song 'I'd rather have Jesus' sung by Jeff Deyo formerly the lead singer of the Christian band Sonicflood. And the lyrics hit me again '... I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold, I'd rather be His than have riches untold...' full lyrics here. And I remembered a time when I was much more passionate about God. To cut the thing short, I was reminded by Him that all these things are temporal, and will be destroyed at the end of the day...

And so that's that, so much drama ah? The Land version of the Kongis Krote landed in my house Saturday, and the box smells of the resin inside. I've yet to open it, along with the other 'rare' stuff like the Grosserhund, also from Rainbow Egg. Its not the fault of the rare resin, and I don't think having a hobby is bad. Its just that I need to have a proper perspective on things, and don't let my hobby lead me by my nose....

If you are still reading this, thanks for your patience! I am a long-winded guy.... The desire for the KK has gone, for now... lol. Now, bak to modeling Ma.K!

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