Friday, May 1, 2009

Shipment 13 is IN!

Shipment 13 is IN!
Its a smaller box than usual, as the 30 day limit is up, I still have some stuff like Raptor stuck in Japan.
My girl Ashley actually requested to have the honor to take out all the newspaper packing.

She's having a lot of fun!
Rip rip rip ...

She's still picking all the hidden newspaper ... I am anxious to get to my kits!Haha!
The stuff:

My K.K is in, Gans is mine too...
Goblin and Banana boat are requests.
The other stuff are Strahl units like PKA, Gustav and some SAFS, Fireball and Prowler.
The recession in Japan must be over, the prices are actually rising ...
Give me some time to finalize the prices before putting them up!


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