Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby Falke WIP 9

Thursday night/Friday morning was very productive.
I carved away the rear end of the plane for the main thruster using micro saw and hobby knife. The Bondite was tough, but not as bad as other types of epoxy.
Used a piece of foam to cover the underside.
Started making the main thruster with a black plastic pipe from the old fish tank filter. I wound labelling tape I bought to do panel lines to create the shape.
Here's how it looks like

Glued the AG pods onto the plane, these are not the protective spheres themselves, but the plastic packaging reinforced inside with Bondite. I don't need to sand them later as they are perfectly shaped as compared to the protective spheres which have holes.
At 3am, I added the small shapes and patched the rear ends with more Bondite.
Other participants have either finished or started decaling... Friday night I am still building ... Aiming to finish most of it tonight so I can paint tomorrow.

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