Thursday, June 11, 2009

Neuspotter Head Kits Collection

with the Lunar Gans...
Been wanting to post this for sometime now... And while there are little updates to my WIP, I decided to finally sit down and write this. I've finally completed all the Ma.K kits with the Neuspotter head. From left to right : Land Konigs Krote by Rainbow Egg, Nitto Neuspotter on top of it, THAT Neuspotter Variant type B by THAT, WAVE Land Gans first release (center), WAVE Land Gand second release (center bottom), modelkasten Lunar Gans (center top), Nitto Krachenvogel (right top of the Oskar below) and modelkasten Oskar. Sorry for the two pictures, I forgot about one kit and had to retake the photos. Too lazy to take them all out again and take a photo... maybe later.

... with the Krachenvogel...
I am a completist, if that's the word for it. When I start collecting kits, I will try my best to get every single one of them. And I am proud of this collection, took me slightly over a year to amass this number of kits. Why did I collect them, I ask myself. What's my motive? For one, I really like them. If you'd remember, in a post I made in 2008 here about my favourite kits, I sold them off in order to help pay for the new church building. By God's grace, I slowly bought them all back again (heehee! Ma.K addict is like that...) He knows I need to destress sometimes.

The other motive I must confess is PRIDE. I often show my good friends who come over these kits and tell them I might be the only guy in Singapore, or maybe even South East Asia, to have all these kits. Not a very nice part of my human behaviour... Brag about having the entire collection of some stuff. Anyone who has time and money would be able to do that. The more money one has, the less time he needs. The only good thing regarding this is that I am no longer so attached to these kits, and if the need arises that I must part with them, so be it. I wouldn't lose sleep over them. In fact, I've yet to open some of them!

Pride knows no boundaries, and I thank God that I am mostly over this :) I don't feel more contented in owning all of them. Besides, one can never really complete the collection. What about the Winter KK, or the Lunar KK, or Kerberos (of which there is only one scratch-build by Sensei Kow in existence?)

A modeler or a collector? I aspire to be a modeler, and am working towards it. As someone said, a completed kit is better than a thousand unbuild ones. I fully agree!

Anyone who reads this thread and is poisoned by these kits, haha I must first apologise to you, it was not my intent to do so, just a side effect. Just to put our feet to the ground, here are the recent running prices (in usd):
Krachenvogel:120 - 200, usually around 160
Gans 1st release:95-120
Gans 2nd release:85-100
Gans Lunar:260++
Land Konigs Krote:460++

Anyway, thanks for reading so long a post. What started out as a post to brag turns out to be another self-reflection which I think is good for me. Some of my model pals tell me I am crazy about Ma.K. And I am, just not insane... lol. I am still the same old average Will you know, not a saint, and still telling everyone he is handsome... :)

Next post will be the Lunar Gans review, as I've already taken the photos a few days before...
Also I would like to talk about more of the nice people I got to know along the way, like Vayeate, Snake eye, Leafster, KJ, andy...

Stay tuned and keep Ma.King!


Dennis said...

I want Lunar Gans!! The price is really exp! I'm thinking about krachenvogel also. What a massive poison.

Nice to know you too. =)

cyberwill75 said...

Thanks bro, didn't want to poison you but that's a side effect... The price is scary ah...