Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Ma.K - Oskar WIP 2

This time I am doing a bit more planning than before, I first cut one of the quail eggs in half,
then trace out its shape on a piece of paper. Using the Neuspotter head as a reference, I drew the shape of the SD head.

Next, using bits from my spares bin and the very fast drying epoxy, I started slapping the shape together.

As for the bodies, the shell is very flimsy, so I filled them with paper clay...

Its now 12:30am, and I think its gonna be a long long time (to Elton John's Rocket Man tune) before I sleep today.
lol. Seriously, I truly enjoy the building part of modeling, and all the stress from work and life just disappears...
Am I going to be able to finish it on time?
That's a good question... ;D

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