Monday, May 19, 2008

Nadef Competition 8 homepage is up!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was busy trying to 'finish' my Fledermaus again as the Nadef Competition's deadline got extended a couple of days. What I did was: find the decals and photo-etched screen wiper given to me by Dainaka and add them into the build, another layer of panel-lining, fix some mistakes here and there, retake the photos with better lighting and tripod, and finally resubmit to Fukky!

Now the homepage is up!

See it here:

My entry:

Some entries I liked:
by my friend Steve from New Zealand, very innovative and impressive modifications!

by Catchaser, love the cannons and the air to ground missile, very WWII.
by Jason Eaton, wow is the word for it, now where is that Hummel conversion in YAJ?!
A Moby Dick scratch-build. Very nicely build, clean and simple.
A very creative transformer!!! How did he manage to cut the kit into so many parts?
Another Moby Dick scratch-build. My favourite plane build in this contest.
Some ship, very massive.

My personal favourite:
Birdcage. I dunno if this is a complete scratch build or another kit I've never seen before, but I absolutely love it!

I am greatly humbled by the entries' creativity and quality.... I am just glad I was in time to participate...If I win anything, it will be a bonus!

Grading by participant : until 25th May (Sun)
Result announcement : 26th May (Mon)

Watch to it! I'm so excited!

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