Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fledermaus Update 9

Voting's done for the competition and I guess its safe to come out now...:)
After priming, I took out all the stuff to begin airbrushing in my balcony...Its messy I know :)

And found that part of the air hose broke due to old age. Talk about Murphy's law in modeling! I cut off part of the air hose and jammed the working part into the compressor...

I sprayed black on the engines and thruster bells and then sprayed tamiya burnt iron. Now they look a bit dark silverish.

First, I preshaded the Fled with black (lost that picture), and sprayed the cockpit interior with Tamiya medium blue.
Then I asked KGM2 for suggestions on the color palette based on the scheme i've chosen. Dainaka gave me the links, thanks Dai!!
He was quick and kind enough to point me to xf-52 flat earth and xf-59 desert yellow/sand colour, as well as xf-57 deck tan.
The next day I went out, bought the paints and begin with deck tan on the Fled. I glued the engines, thrusters and masked them first.
The Fledermaus after preshading with black and colored with deck tan
The wings
Glued the black/silver engines, masked them and attached the wings
As you can see the preshading still shows through the deck tan, which is good.
After that, I reviewed the base color, and found that deck tan was a bit too light.
So I sprayed desert yellow on the Fledermaus to be the base color.
Masked it using lots of masking tape (this was the hard part, took me 2 hours)
Sprayed the second color, flat earth.
Masked and sprayed with flat earth

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