Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fledermaus Update 8

May day holiday and I stayed home trying to finish up the Fled before Ashley comes back home from my mother-in-laws. She's sick, together with my wife and mother-in-law, so everyone is not having a fun time and mood around.
I looked at the missiles I made earlier, and being an anti-tank missile freak, I don't really like them.
Lets be honest here. They don't look right in the Ma.K world.
I took a krachenvogel missile and to my surprise, they fit in the launchers!

Krachenvogel missile and the missile I made earlier

So, while watching TV, I decided to make simpler copies of the Krachenvogel missiles with plastic tubes and sprues. I am not going to use the Krach missiles simply because the kit cost too much to use for kitbashing. Its alot of filing to get the sprues straight at the ends...

New missiles

See how they fit in the launchers...

I've also sanded the rest of the Fled and primed them.
Finally I can start airbrushing...
Deadline? What deadline?! :lol:

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