Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fledermaus Update again

I know I know, I've said no more WIP, but I just can't help myself, help myself..... ;D
Airbrushed base coat on the Fled and going to mask the camo.
Started painting the figures using instructions from the Multiple Model Magazine's issue on Ma.K (one day I'll scan them and share..)
Sprayed tamiya brown on the figures

After that is the crazy/fun part of applying tamiya flesh and mixing brown to get the final result...This took a few layers of handpainting... its not fantastic at close range, but from a distance I think can do lah.


My first attempt at figures painting, almost gave up halfway cos it looked horrific on the first layer of paint.

On a side note, I found the 2 missing Krote mechanic's hands after sweeping the common corridor where I primed my models. Fortunately the cleaner never come to clean yesterday as I've lost them while priming!
I modded the mechanic's hand to hold a torch light instead of a cigarette, in case my pastor decides to visit ;D.
Its a cut-down SD Gundam beam saber...

Also found the missing piece of Fled (2nd and 3rd pic) used to attach the wires at the rear of the Fled.
2 more days left. Think I will cut down on sleep.:lol:

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