Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fledermaus Update 6.5

Since the last update, I've added details to the missile tubes, 'stinger' anti-air missiles, and scratch built the anti-tank missiles:

Being an attack-helicopter lover, I researched into the shape of the missiles and finally gave in to a 'hellfire' like anti-tank missile although a TOW would be slightly more suitable(but not as nice looking)

Decided to have a diorama by adding a Krote mechanic to the mix:

Only thing is I have to give him a tool to replace the cigarette he was originally supposed to be holding. No smoking in my house! :)

Scratch-built the ammo and ammo belt:

Finally, I've thinned the wing-extensions on the trailing edge suggested by a fellow modeller also doing the Fledermaus for the competition.

I just need to add a wire-cutter to my Fled, and its ready to prime!

Comments/suggestions welcomed!

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