Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fledermaus Update 5

Got some time to work on it today:
Sanded the wing extensions, glued the refueling probe and added wires to simulate the fuel lines to the fuel pods on the back of the plane.
I've added 2 additional fuel pods on top instead of bottom to protect it from ground fire.
Took several hours to scratch build the rocket tubes...
Side view showing the epoxy budge I've made for the gatling cannon.
Also a clearer view of the fuel line running from the probe long the body.
Front view, sorry its not very clear, but i hope you can see the additional grills / air intake I've made on the body. Used metal grills held onto the body by plaplate. The model kit surprisingly left this part empty..
the other side (starboard side?) of the fled. I've epoxied the radar to the wing and also super-glued the longbow radar on the back.

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