Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fledermaus for Nadef Competition

My second Ma.K, a Fledermaus! This one I will complete as its for a competition and I am under oath from the person who gave me this kit to finish it.
What I plan to do:

1) Change the 2 machine guns to either an A10 style gatling cannon or turret
2) Add more fuel pods on the top
3) Add thing on top for mid-flight refueling
4) Add Longbow radar
5) extend wings to load bombs/missiles

Here's the picture I've taken of the additional fuel pods I am going to mount.
Maybe trying to use a gatling cannon from the gundam from the Wing series..
The rest are all blu-tacked/taped for dry fitting.
Pardon the poor picture quality as I've used my handphone to take the photo.

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