Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nutrocker camo chosen!

My friends over in the Mak forum suggested that I try out the squid camo scheme in the book, the one with many circles, which was in the background. initially I thought it was too tough but after much thought! I take it as a challenge to do it.
Ashley wanted it in pink too which I thought was ridiculous but then after seeing some tanks in pink, also from the pals in the Mak forum, it didn't seem crazy anymore.
Tried googling for 'pink squid' and got some funny pictures, none the least is the pink squid from Finding Nemo.
I took a photo of that squid while in the hospital with Elias as I thought he looked like it.

And so pink squid camo dedicated to my second kid, Elias, is a go!

Wait til he grows up and sees this... lol

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