Friday, January 13, 2012

Nutrocker detailed

With my kid being sick, i cant continue painting my falke as i need to setup the spray booth. So I decided to build.
 I am not a Nutrocker fan. It's design makes it fodder for rockets, not to mention lasers from the Safs.
Looking at all the entries in the Mak forum nutcracker build, as well as the Mak in sf3d vol 2 inspired me to dig out my half completed 1/76 Nutrocker  which is languishing in the box.
I had previously glued and puttied it.

This kit is old and while being quite 
detailed it has huge gaps which needed to be fixed with putty.

I had broken the plastic rails and fixed it with evergreen styrene.

I referenced the 1/35 kits pictures and added wires to the radar thingy. I also bent the brass portion a bit like the big kit.

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