Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Falke no 2 part 3

Choosing a scheme for the Falkewas difficult as many of them from the camo cards and Falke modeling book are very nice. And I wanted to try out all the decals. Now I understand why people buy so many planes of the same model.

I wanted the a green camo scheme which does not break up the shape pd the plane too much as i wanted the shape of the plane to be preserved.
I started with the base coat. Learning from the color modulation book introduced to me by maxwinamp, I sprayed three variations of green on the kit. The darkest in the under side and shadow areas, plain green on the middle area and white with green on the highlights.

Second color which was violet grey, same thing, three variations done using free hand. I wanted a feathery outline but seems I need to work on my airbrushing skills as the blurring was too much. I work with very dilute paint with 5psi. 

Masked off the front portion and sprayed white. This was harder than expected as one side had the radar bump.

This is the model I wanted to achieve from the Falke Mak book.

I loved the holy cow (reference to kow Yokohama) so I used it together with some other decals.

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