Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nutrocker primed

Super slow progress due to each one in my family taking turns to get sick.
First was Ashley and now my wife. But thank God only minor food poisoning.
I ran out of the 2mm brass tubes for the smoke grenade launchers and had to go out and replenish them.
Finally primed everything tonight.
Next up, base coat!


Anonymous said...

Please help me know more of the sf3d haven bad time trying to post

Anonymous said...

Hello trying again here.Hope you and your Family are well now? I got SF3D in the 80s I loved the game Here are some (?) I have if you dont mind.How hard are the models to find? Do they go well with 28mm miniatures?Also can they all be found and for good price?please send any help you can to Grey inVa. At Thanks so much:)