Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fledermaus Completed: Tiger Motte Final Inspections

Competition's over:

Didn't win anything, but well I enjoyed the build! :)

Tiger Motte Final Inspections
Here are larger images of the finished build.


Wings deployed
Wings folded

Closeup on missiles

Rear end details


Dennis said...

I thought this was nicely done! Nice work!

cyberwill75 said...

Thanks Dennis, I was not a huge fan of this model, and being my second Ma.K, I really learnt alot in scratch building, and painting from the guys in the Ma.K forum and PLAMO. You should try this kit one day, its HUGE!


Dennis said...

Me too, not a fan for this kit. But it looks amazing. Not sure how big is this but ya, if I manage to get one I will. What stopping me from this, is the need to paint the character. I dont think I can do that level of small painting.