Monday, April 2, 2012

1/35 Nutrocker/Nutcracker

I finally caved in and bought myself a 1/35 Nutrocker / nutcracker.
Checked the decals and camo card and boy there are lovely schemes to build!!!
Can't find the squid rings done by max watanabe in the Mak in sf3d vol 2 though.
He must have custom printed those. Now I have a dilemma, should I build the same scheme as the 1/76 scale which will look nice together, or choose another scheme?
Decisions decisions...
I should never have bought the book, now I fell in love with many of the camo schemes!

The magic of Mak!


Jonas Lopez said...

This is the Hasegawa Nutrocker kit right?

cyberwill75 said...

Ya man it's the one!