Sunday, April 15, 2012

Falke 4 : putty time

Cut out the front armor and after much bending and filing, I came to this using no 2 as the template.

The underside shows how I did it, gluing  plapate and then reinforcing with a part epoxy putty which is my favorite.
After everything dries, filing down to get the rounded edges.

It's not exactly like the original kit version but it's close. Agar agar (which means roughy there) as we love to say in Singapore.

Made the sensor using putty. Should have placed a plastic sheet on the hatch before I shape it but ran out of the sheet. It's much bigger now as I will file it down to shape. Man is it hard to get it symmetrical!

Embedded another magnet inside so it will attach onto the hatch. 

Next up, an open kit review!

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