Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Polar Bear WIP 9 & Falke WIP 1

I know I know, its been a while since I updated my WIP. But I have not been lazy (real lazy anyways). :)

I've sanded down all the seamlines and rough patches on the Hard boiled Polar Bear and also started gluing and sanding the Falke.
Now don't let the low number of parts cheat you, many of them need sanding and the hardest part for me was to glue the two halves together. I did it the way taught by viper1972 in one of the PLAMO videos, using the Tamiya extra thin cement to glue it bit by bit, all the while trying to align the joints... Thanks viper!

I also had problems with the front part of the cockpit, you can see the bondite I used to putty up the joints. I had to sand and sand and also use sandpaper with tweezer to sand the sides of the cockpit... Now to prime it!

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