Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Neuspotter state

Here's the state of my Neuspotter right now. I've not touched it since the last plamo meeting in december 2009. Spent that disastrous night fixing mistakes I made (would you believe I glued the arms mounts upside down? Had to pry them out and attach them again!)

During the night before the meet, I air brushed a dark grey as a base color, then followed by dark yellow on the top surfaces. I tried hard to find out the 'original' color of the Neu in the Ma.K encyclopedia, but not really sure what it is. Anyone have any ideas?
Close-up on the Neuspotter, I love the head!
I've just watched Color Modulation DVD on loan to me by my bro maxwinamp. This influenced my way I airbrushed the Neuspotter. However, I do think the shadows are a bit too harsh, this first try.
A back view of the Neu, showing the exaggerated shadow effect.
Side view, I've mounted it precariously using a wire until a block of wood.
The pose which I like. I will probably go over the paints with other colors before I start weathering it. Comments and criticisms encouraged!

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