Thursday, January 21, 2010

Neuspotter continued

Sorry for the lack of updates! Finally able to sit down and download the pictures from the camera... My SD card encountered some read issue and I lost quite a few photos (including my own Neuspotter during the meet)

Here are the ones I recovered, just before painting during the eve of the meet...
I mounted it on a wire on styrofoam and used a spool of wire as weight to hold it down.
Sorry for blurry pics.
I studied the Ma.K Encyclopedia carefully and added wire parts to replicate the original scratch build by Sensei Kow. I tried to be as faithful to the original shape as possible. I replaced the plastic parts with wire which looked better.
Here is another wire part I replicated from wire that just snaps onto the kit's arm. Its not part of the kit but in the original build.

I tried to rush painting the Neuspotter for the meet (as usual) but just managed to lay the base tone down with some shading done. Will post new pictures of its current state very soon. Stay tuned..

BTW 2010 is the Revenge of the Ma.K! I just started building the Krote, Gans & Gustav together since Christmas... There is a Ma.K meet (first time ever) organised by m workshop in March by Bernard aka StoneV, check it out here

and I wanna make some exotic kits for the meet...



Sean Lavery said...

Hey, nice work! I had a pretty nice set of Ma.K in the mid 80's when they came out. Sadly all my built kits were lost in a move. The only thing I have left is a few of the cards and an unopened "Prowler" kit.
I'd love to have my Krote and Neuspotter back.

cyberwill75 said...

Hey no problem, its a good time for Ma.K modeling as older kits are being rereleased, eg the Krote.

Hopefully you can join in the fun as well!