Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Back in the game with Lunadiver!

I've been working on building kits the last few months, just that I've not gotten the time and energy to setup the spraying table for any serious painting. Finally back in the game!
Still working on my Falke No.4 and the Lunadiver No.1 As you can see, I preshaded the 1/35 Prowler and Fireball (black black stuff in the middle), decaled up the dashboard of the Falke (lower left) and sprayed bluish gray for the internal cockpit of the Falke.
Here's the Luadiver preshaded with pure black on primer.
After the preshade which was done in 1-2 days, I spent another 2 days slowly building up the base color which is a custom mix of white, yellow, green and grey.
The front.
The bottom.

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