Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sorry for the long long absence

Sorry for the sudden and long long absence. One word: work. I suddenly became so busy due to a company wide deployment of a new ERP system. I was working 60hr workweeks, holidays, weekends... Coupled with the growing up of my toddler Elias Chin... I did get a bit depressed as model making stopped completely for a few months. Everything was just chucked into my robot room. I am angry that I did not even get to take part in the local model convention and meets. Well now the worst is almost over, I am slowly picking up my life and the hobby again. Will post real soon with something new. Will


Anonymous said...

Hey bro,
Hope things are weathering well for you now that the storm clouds are over. Definitely missed you at the recent local meets, but looking forward to seeing you back in the Ma.K scene.
Take care and hope to see you diving into Ma.K soon now that things in the workplace are more stablisd.
Take care,
A Fellow Ma.K-ker :)

cyberwill75 said...

Thanks bro, back to Ma.K!