Saturday, November 14, 2009

Neuspotter WIP 4

Sorry for lack of updates!
This week my progress has been very slow as I've been sleeping early putting my kid to bed (I usually fall asleep in the process)
Primed and checked some parts...
Now important tips, when doing anything with the Neuspotter head (Oskar,Krachenvogel,Gans),
Sand, prime and check the two halves first before adding the details! Don't be like me, add in all the details then prime and found that the main seamline is not clean (see the second picture, seamline in the triangle) Gotta think of some way to clean that up...

Next, the wires for the bulb. From the instructions, they were supposed to go thru the 2 holes behind and down the main pipe. But from the original picture and design, it went thru the smaller tube in front.

I decided not to light the kit up cos its too cheesy and after researching on the internet and books, decided to plug the wires into the pipe as per original design. I enlarged the hole in the smaller cylinder in front (where my thumb is). I will close the two holes in the back with some spares.

The decision not to light up the kit made it easy for me to glue the bottom 'memory unit' shut and epoxy a wire to hold the kit. No need to build the battery holder in the bottom.

This should not be visible when my vignette is done.
Onto the arms...These are sanding nightmare as the parts had alot of mold circles in places where there are details and the fitting is terrible...

Almost finished building this kit.. Hope to paint it soon!

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