Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shipment 8 is in on my birthday!

Sorry for lack of updates again...
Today went out to celebrate with my in laws and my cell group called to sing for me on the phone and ... a shipment of Ma.K just came in at night!

The Batmobile Tumbler and Oskar is MINE!
Happy birthday to me... and Ma.K fans please wait for Ma.K sales coming right up...

The thing about the Oskar is that I sold mine, but then later I found that I really really liked the kit... So I went out and bought another one. Hard to explain... :)


Anonymous said...

the bigger one box, what product is?

cyberwill75 said...

Its a set of plastic 'toys' designed by Sensei Kow for a game. Goes for 6000 - 8000 yen. They look very much Ma.kish in their design.

Hope this helps.